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An overview of automatic bionic midwifery instrument

2016/1/19      view:

       Automatic instrument is the development of bionic midwifery Medical Instrument Co. Ltd. Zibo branch of the new high-grade obstetric apparatus series products. Full automatic bionic midwifery instrument using microprocessor and a precision pressure sensor, measurement and control instrument internal pressure, the balloon diameter, inflatable speed, time and other parameters. Full automatic bionic midwifery instrument with automatic, manual, foot step, three modes; automatic meter bionic midwifery by advanced touch buttons and high brightness LED display, operation is simple and reliable, clear and intuitive, is convenient for clinical observation.

       Full automatic bionic midwifery instrument, belonging to a new generation of gasbag midwifery instrument, clinical practice confirmed that the use of airbags midwifery can significantly shorten the production process, automatic meter bionic midwifery significantly reduced maternal childbirth, significantly reduce the complications of mothers and infants, significantly reduce the rate of cesarean section, significantly improve the quality of Obstetrics. Gasbag midwifery instrument in the early 90s of the 20th century, developed by the China Science and technology of new products, full automatic bionic midwifery instrument makes use of the bionic principle, used to replace the fetal head airbag, the balloon has placed in the cervix and vagina, gradually inflated mechanical expansion of soft birth canal, both for induction of labor and can be used for oxytocin, obvious relationship of labor, reduce maternal pain, automatic meter bionic midwifery reduced due to caused by uterine inertia force of labor dystocia, reduce the cesarean section rate also reduces the peri neonatal mortality. Therefore, automatic bionic midwifery instrument in 1994 by the national Ministry of health assessment for ten years one hundred achievements, to promote the country. Full automatic bionic midwifery instrument of this technology in 2000 by the national Ministry of science and technology as the national key new product.