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Oxygen pipe using the oxygen pipe needs to grasp what point

2016/1/19      view:

Any equipment is made up of a lot of parts, each part respectively play their respective roles, mutual cooperation. Home breathing machine is no exception, in which the oxygen pipe is part of the machine. Next, about the oxygen pipe in the use of breathing machine should pay attention to the following aspects:

1, temperature, fluid temperature and the ambient temperature, shall not exceed the oxygen pipe of the home breathing machine temperature limit, the temperature is lower than or higher than the recommended temperature of oxygen pipe.

2, the most important is the choice of oxygen pipe of the machine must be reasonable.

3, fluid compatibility, oxygen pipe in the fluid, should be consistent with the product samples in the use of the delineated, beyond the use of the designated use can not guarantee the life and safety of oxygen pipe.

4, appropriate end connection, because the nut is connected with a convenient, low cost and is widely used, but larger vibration, to give full consideration to the nut loose topic, then you can consider to take LAN connection. The impact pressure of the system is higher than the working pressure of the oxygen pipe of the domestic respirator, which can not only reduce the service life of the oxygen pipe of the domestic respirator, but also can cause the accident of personal equipment.

5, pressure, ventilator oxygen tube usually can not be less than the maximum system pressure, only in the less frequently used, agreed to 20 per cent of the progress; for frequent use, bending and torsion are often to reduce 40%.

The emergence of breathing machine for patients at home treatment has played a great convenience, understand the product knowledge, can prevent the use of unnecessary problems. Hope that today's content to help you.