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Full automatic bionic midwifery instrument on the fetus born in the process of role

2016/1/19      view:

      Full automatic bionic midwifery instrument can reduce maternal labor and childbirth pain significantly reduce the complications of mothers and infants, promote natural childbirth and significantly reduce the rate of cesarean section, so as to improve the quality of Obstetrics, to assist in the resolution of obstetrics in many difficult problems, shows the unique life force.

      The biggest characteristic of midwifery is not used any drugs, belonging to the non drug delivery. It has the "imitation nature", which is in full compliance with the physiological laws of natural childbirth. The special air, gradual expansion of soft birth canal, reach the size of fetal head, reduce fetal presentation resistance decreased, make the smooth delivery of the fetus. By mechanical stimulation and promote cervical mature, caused by the posterior leaf reflectance of stimulation of endogenous oxytocin and prostaglandin synthesis and release, and accelerate the contraction, increase production capacity.

       After rupture of membranes presentation department direct compression of the cervical and uterine lower segment, but also to an increase in serum and amniotic fluid in Ca2 + and prostaglandin and cytosolic free Ca2 + activated myofibrillar contraction system and further lead to contraction of the uterus; vaginal mechanical dilatation and oppression rectum, reflection caused by women to produce downward spurts of action, forcing fetal presentation decreased; the special control airbag, and gradually expand the soft birth canal reach the size of fetal head is equal to ahead of a simulation of the effects of fetal head expansion of soft birth canal (the primary maternal temporarily turned into "the" maternal), natural childbirth ahead of time to create the good conditions.

       Above is about automatic meter bionic midwifery mechanism introduction, hope can make you satisfied, good automatic bionic midwifery instrument can reduce pain for pregnant women, as far as possible to protect the baby and the mother.