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Automatic bionic midwifery instrument ensures the safety of both mother and infant

2016/1/19      view:

Automatic meter bionic midwifery reduction women production of pain, to the doctors, were also brings convenience, more important is that it can maximize the protection of mother and child safe, so by the people's welcome. The automatic bionic midwifery instrument in the end what kind of effect? Here for you to introduce.

1 increase the natural childbirth rate, improve the safety factor.

2 according to the modern psychological factors of maternal afraid of pain, reduce labor and childbirth, conforms to the contemporary young women demand.

3 due to significantly shorten the labor process, significantly reduce maternal and neonatal complications. 4 to avoid the occurrence of amniotic fluid embolism, significantly reduce maternal mortality.

5 to achieve early detection, early treatment of fetal distress, to avoid the occurrence of severe neonatal asphyxia.

6 to identify the umbilical cord around the neck can be a vaginal delivery, to avoid B ultrasound found that the umbilical cord around the neck are blind implementation of cesarean section.

7. Through promoting cervical ripening and for pregnancy hypertension disease, delayed or postterm pregnancy and other high-risk pregnancy found as publishe vaginal delivery channels.

8 it is more convenient to adjust the position of the fetal head by hand by hand, and obviously reduce the cesarean section rate of the head position.

9 the normal weight of the breech safely and smoothly, vaginal delivery and cesarean section for breech decreased.

10 due to maternal childbirth safe and smooth, full of physical strength, to ensure that breast feeding.

11. Due to the short time of soft birth canal expansion, muscle fiber damage reduction, avoid pelvic support structure, serious damage, after birth of life harmony.

12 because of the obvious reduction of maternal and infant complications, various medical disputes are avoided, thus the economic loss caused by the economic compensation to the hospital is avoided, and the medical service quality is obviously improved and the economic benefit is increased.

Due to the emergence of a large number of problems in the community so that today's production of pregnant women has brought problems, resulting in production difficulties. In order to reduce the pain of the pregnant woman, full automatic bionic midwifery instrument homeopathy and health. Hope that today's content to help you.