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Where there is selling breathing machine? What are the more well-known ventilator brands?

2016/1/19      view:

      Zibo Kechuang Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. is specializing in the production of ventilator manufacturers, household and medical respirator, invasive and noninvasive ventilator, 120 emergency vehicle ventilator, suitable for various respiratory class for use in patients with ventilator.

       Following is a brief introduce knowledge of ventilator ventilator, is a can replace, control or change the normal respiratory physiology, increasing the amount of pulmonary ventilation, improve the respiratory function, reduce the work of breathing consumption and saving cardiac reserve device. When the infants complicated with acute respiratory failure, pass through active conservative treatment is invalid, decreased respiration and sputum and the thick, phlegm difficult, obstruction of the airway or pulmonary atelectasis, tracheal intubation and ventilation should be considered.

       Ventilator must have four basic functions, namely to lung inflation and inspiratory to expiratory conversion, discharge of alveolar air and breath to inhale conversion, followed by ad infinitum. So there must be: (1) to provide power for the transport of gas, take the place of human respiratory muscle; (2) can produce a certain degree of respiratory rhythm, including respiratory frequency and respiratory ratio, to replace the central nervous system of human respiratory control function of the respiratory rhythm; can provide suitable tidal volume (VT) or minute ventilation (MV), to meet the needs of respiratory metabolism; gas supply of the best after heating and humidification, replace the human nasal function and supply is higher than the air contained in the amount of O2, to improve inhaled O2 concentration and improve oxygenation. Power source: use compressed gas as power (pneumatic) or a motor as power (electric), respiratory frequency and respiratory ratio can also use pneumatic gas control, electric power, gas dynamic electronic type, call and inspiratory when switching between, often at the inspiration in the breathing loop to predetermined pressure switch for breath (pressure) or the suction reaches a predetermined capacity switching for breath (capacitive), but modern ventilators are both above two forms.

       Above is the relevant content by respirator, I hope to help you!