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SH-100 type wet chemical device

2016/1/19 11:11:53

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SH-100 humidifier is at home and abroad ventilator supporting the use of the device, its role is heated and humidified gas stream, moisture flow through the surface of the hot water and heating and wetting, and by setting the temperature control knob to control the heating temperature, the temperature can be through the digital display monitor. Using humidifier can reduce the stimulation of mechanical ventilation on the cardiopulmonary system, improve the adaptability of the patients on mechanical ventilation; keep the alveolar moist, enhanced the activity and to promote gas exchange; keep wet airway and the airway secretions, in favor of sputum suction and prevent airway obstruction.

Host part:

Scope of application: apply to the domestic and foreign high grade ventilator

Control function: knob continuous adjustment, temperature range 30 C ~ 40 C with heating protection function

Temperature monitoring: digital temperature display 0 ~ 100

Wet tank parts:

Maximum water: 400ml

Maximum flow: 180L/min

Maximum working pressure: 20KPa

Technical specification:

Power supply: 220V + 22V 50 + 110V (domestic) 240V ~ 50HZ ~ 1HZ ~ 60HZ (International)

Power: less than 100VA

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