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KCH806 breathing machine (LCD)

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1, breathing mode:

A/C controlled ventilation, SIMV synchronous intermittent mandatory ventilation, PCV pressure control ventilation,

PSV pressure support ventilation, SPONT spontaneous breathing, MMV instructions per minute ventilation,

IPPV intermittent positive pressure ventilation, SIGH sigh ventilation (deep breathing), PEEP positive end expiratory pressure ventilation,



2, gas path performance:

A) gas path maximum safety pressure: no more than 6kPa.

B) inspiratory oxygen concentration: 21% ~ 100%, continuously adjustable.

3, ventilation performance:

Respiratory frequency: 6 to 60 times / min, continuously adjustable.

Inspiratory time: 0.2 ~ 5S, continuously adjustable.

C) breath hold time: 0 ~ 2.5s, continuously adjustable.

Due to the inspiratory time 0.2 - 5S, breath hold time 0 - 2.5s, continuously adjustable, therefore, can be by adjusting the inspiratory breath hold time, within the allowable frequency range to achieve regulation of suction call than any.

D) trigger pressure: -2kPa ~ 2kPa, continuously adjustable.

E) tidal volume: 100 ~ 1500ml continuously adjustable.

F) minute ventilation volume: not less than 18 L/min.

PSV, PCV, G pressure: 0 ~ 5 kPa, continuously adjustable.

PEEP) h pressure: 0 ~ 2 kPa, continuously adjustable.

I) flow rate: 0.05 ~ 2 L/s, continuously adjustable.

SIMV frequency: 3 ~ 30 times / min, continuously adjustable.

4, alarm performance:

A) pressure limit alarm: 2 ~ 6kPa, continuously adjustable, sound and word display alarm.

B) lower pressure alarm: 0 ~ 2kPa, continuously adjustable, sound and word display alarm.

C) ventilation volume limit alarm: ventilation more than set value (tidal volume set value x frequency setting value) of 50%, voice and words display alarm.

D) ventilation limit alarm: ventilation below the set value (tidal volume set value x frequency setting value) of 50%, voice and words display alarm.

E) air shortage alarm: when the air pressure is lower than 0.15MPa, the sound and light alarm.

F) oxygen shortage alarm: when the oxygen pressure is lower than 0.15MPa, the sound and light alarm.

G) power off alarm: power off immediately alarm, alarm duration is not less than 120s.

H) mute: no more than 2min.

5, monitoring performance:

A) tidal volume: 0 ~ 2000ml.

B) measured total frequency, independent frequency.

Breathe: (c) than inspiratory breath hold time + time) / expiration time.

Peak pressure: the maximum pressure in the airways and in the alveolar, D.

Internal pressure of airway and alveolar pressure by E.

F) the airway pressure curve: the actual pressure and time of the airway.

G) flow rate curve: the curve of the actual flow rate and time of inspiration.

6, the performance of the whole machine:

Power supply: 220V + 22V + 50Hz + 1Hz + a.

B) host power: 65VA.

C) electrical safety: in line with the GB9706.1-2007 "medical electrical equipment Part 1: General requirements for safety and general requirements" for class I type B equipment requirements.

(d) machine noise: no more than 65dB (A).

E) system compliance: not more than 4ml/100Pa.

7, the use of conditions:

Ambient temperature: +5 ~ +40 ~ a.

Relative humidity of B): 30% ~ 75%.

C) atmospheric pressure: 96 ~ 104kPa.

D) using air source: oxygen and compressed air, are 0.25 ~ 0.3MPa.

] e) equipped with a compressor; trap, bacterial filtration box can be repeated use after disinfection; 10.4 inch color LCD display; flow sensor for the built-in can reuse; corrugated pipe is made of silica gel material, disinfection and repeated use; ventilator pneumatic constant volume type, invasive or non invasive can be used.

8, storage and transportation:

The normal storage temperature range of - 40 to 55 DEG C, relative humidity range from 10% to 93%, the range of atmospheric pressure of 50kPa ~ 106kpa, no corrosive gas and well ventilated place, transport process should be moisture-proof, handle with care, pay attention to the direction of the signs.


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