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KCH806 ventilator (digital)

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KCH806 ventilator  uses the latest design concept, the use of the electrical structure of the whole machine integrated. The compact gas path system makes the mechanical cavity of the ventilator smaller, faster and better.. The design of the machine makes the pressure, flow and capacity of the ventilator more accurate, and the coordination of the machine is increased..The compressor is equipped with a more precise change to the oxygen concentration.. Mixed tips for text, graphics, give you the most intuitive experience, improve the work efficiency while avoiding the medical risks caused by the operation.

Main performance and technical indicators

1. Breathing mode:

A/C assisted control ventilation, SIMV synchronous intermittent instruction ventilation, PCV pressure control ventilation,PSV pressure support ventilation, SPONT spontaneous breathing, MMV instruction per minute ventilation,

IPPV intermittent positive pressure ventilation, SIGH sigh ventilation (deep breathing), PEEP positive airway pressure,



2, gas path performance:

A) gas path maximum safe pressure: no more than 6kPa.

B) the concentration of inspiratory oxygen: 21% ~ 100%, continuously adjustable.

3, ventilation performance:

A) respiratory rate: 6 ~ 60 times / minute, continuously adjustable.

B) inspiratory time: 0.2 ~ 5S, continuous adjustable.

C) breath hold time: 0 ~ 2.5s, continuously adjustable.

D) the trigger pressure: -2kPa ~ 2kPa, continuous adjustable.

E) tidal volume: 50 ~ 1500ml continuously adjustable.

F) min ventilation: no less than 18 L/min.

G) PSV, PCV pressure: 0 ~ 5 kPa, continuous adjustable.

H) PEEP pressure: 0 ~ 2 kPa, continuously adjustable.

I) flow rate: 0.05 ~ 2 L/s, continuous adjustable.

SIMV) J frequency: 3 ~ 30 times / minute, continuously adjustable.

4, alarm performance:

A) the pressure limit of the alarm: 2 ~ 6kPa, continuous adjustable, sound and words show alarm.

B) the pressure limit of the alarm: 0 ~ 2kPa, continuous adjustable, sound and words show alarm.

C) ventilation volume limit alarm: ventilation more than set value (tidal volume set value x frequency setting value) of 50%, voice and words display alarm.

D) ventilation limit alarm: ventilation below the set value (tidal volume set value x frequency setting value) of 50%, voice and words display alarm.

E) air shortage warning: when the air pressure is less than 0.15MPa, the sound and light alarm.

F) oxygen shortage warning: oxygen pressure is less than 0.15MPa, sound and light alarm.

G) power failure warning: power failure alarm immediately, the alarm duration is not less than 120s.

H): no more than 2min.

5, monitoring performance:

A) tidal volume: 50 ~ 2000ml.

B) the measured total frequency and the autonomous frequency.

Breathe: (c) than the inspiratory time + breath hold time) / expiration time.

D) peak pressure: the highest airway and alveolar pressure.

E) airway pressure: airway and alveolar pressure.

F) airway pressure curve: the actual pressure and time curve of the airway.

G) velocity curve: the curve of the actual flow velocity and time of inspiratory.


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