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KCH606 breathing machine (single channel)

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1. Breathing mode:A / C assist control ventilation (equivalent to SIPPV),] SIMV1/2 synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation,] SIMV1/4 synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation, PSV pressure support ventilation and CPAP continuous positive pressure ventilation, IPPV intermittent positive pressure ventilation (sigh ventilation (deep breath), peep, suffocation back-up ventilation.

2, gas path performance:

A) gas path maximum safe pressure: no more than 6kPa.

B) the concentration of inspiratory oxygen: 40% ~ 100%, continuously adjustable. *

3, ventilation performance:

A) respiratory rate: 6 ~ 60 times / minute, continuously adjustable.

D) the trigger pressure: -2kPa ~ 2kPa, continuous adjustable.

E) tidal volume: 50 ~ 1500ml continuously adjustable.

F) min ventilation: no less than 18 L/min.

G) PSV pressure: 0 ~ 5 kPa, continuously adjustable.

4, alarm performance:

A) the pressure limit alarm b) the power off alarm d) mute: no more than 2min

E) the upper and lower limit alarm of minute ventilation.

5, monitoring performance:

A) tidal volume: 0 ~ 2000ml.

B) the measured total frequency and the autonomous frequency.

C) the suction time / expiration time.

D) peak pressure: the highest airway and alveolar pressure.

E) airway pressure: airway and alveolar pressure.

F) airway pressure curve: the actual pressure and time curve of the airway.

G) velocity curve: the curve of the actual flow velocity and time of inspiratory.

6, machine performance:

A) power supply: AC 22V + + 50Hz + 1Hz.

B) host power: 30VA.

C) electrical safety: the relevant requirements of the GB9706.1-2007 type equipment for the type I B type of the first part of the medical electrical equipment.

D) the noise of the whole machine: no more than 65dB (A).

E) system compliance: no more than 4ml/100Pa.

F) using gas source: oxygen, 0.25 ~ 0.3MPa.

7, the use of conditions:

A) environment temperature: +5 to +40.

B) relative humidity: 75% ~ 30%.

C) atmospheric pressure: 96 ~ 104kPa.

] e) with hydrophobic device, a display screen for 10.4 inch color LCD; flow sensor for the built-in can be reused; corrugated pipe is made of silica gel material, disinfection and repeated use.

8, storage and transportation:

The normal storage temperature range of - 40 to 55 DEG C, relative humidity range from 10% to 93%, the range of atmospheric pressure of 50kPa ~ 106kpa, no corrosive gas and well ventilated place, transport process should be moisture-proof, handle with care, pay attention to the direction of the signs.

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