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KCB- type automatic bionic midwifery instrument

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KCB-II (midwifery instrument)
1、Normal term pregnancy,cervical must mature (in accordance with the bishop score>=8points,to miyaguchi open 2—4cm”double diffusion method” for the best time, when I opened the palace>=5”single line expansion method” is appropriate),is shown first required to achieve “spine”,also can be used in spines on the 1cm subjects (>1cm to one needs to wait for the opportunity and look for the cause ,and countermeasure of treatment ),and no cephalopelvic disproportion , without bony birth canal and soft birth canal malformation or abnormal, without antepartum hemorrhage in a pregnant woman can get.
2、Marked cephalopelvic disproportion (such as the great leader),and pelvis, soft birth canal malformation or abnormal, placenta previa, placental abruption , prohibit the cesarean section , should be the and of pregnancy.
3、Working modes :automatic,hand, foot.
4、technical parameter :a)balloon diameter range :50—100mm
                      b)the inflation rate :3,6,9 minutes
                       c)hold time :0—9minutes
                       d)working pressure : 0.18MPa
performance:AC power :220+-22v   50Hz+-1Hz
machine power:200VA
Operating temperature:5—40c
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