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KCH806 ventilator (digital)

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KCH606 ventilator(Digital display)
This machine for computer control,air operated electric control,time cut,limiting pressure life-support machine,breath pattern,technical parameter by touching key control. The hypothesis,
The actual operational operational parameter demon-strated by the nixietube that the compulsion,the synchronized breath intercom-version,the positive and negative pressure gauge,the indicating lamp may momentarily monitor the airway pressure and carry on protect oneself,the high grade import part and the advanced high intelligent design,increation in all levels of hospitals the surgical department,the ICU hospital ward,the first-aid center the operating room necessary equipment.
Breath pattern:
Air course performance:
Maximnm safe pressuve:less than 6 KPa.
Inspires the oxygen concentration:40%th,60%,80%,100%
Ventilation performance:
Respiratory rate:6—60/minutes,continuously adjustable.
Attracts shouts the ratio:1:1st,1:2,1:3,1:4,1:5,2:1,2:3,3:5,adjustable
Triggers the pressure continuously:-2.0kPa,adjustable.
Humidity quantity quantity:50-100ml,adjustable.

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