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KCY-100 oil free air compressor

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  • Brand:    Branch
  • Type:    KCY-100
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Adopt imported movement, high quality imported components and design enable the machine to the characteristics of low noise, large volume, long life, has the advantages of beautiful appearance, stable performance, high reliability, convenient use and the like, is domestic high-grade ventilator, imported respirators, extracorporeal circulation machine, gas the most ideal source of dental and oral spray device.

Technical parameters

The noise of the machine is no more than 50dB, and the flow and pressure can be adjusted continuously..

The maximum gas pressure: 0.7MPa

The large air volume is not less than 4m3/h (optional)

Source: AC 220V 10%, 50 + 1HZ

Rated power consumption: no more than 350W

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